Double Eyelid

Asian Eyelid Surgery – Double Eyelid Procedure – How to perform awake with no pain

This is a young male undergoing Asian eyelid surgery to create a double eyelid crease. The procedure is quickly and easily performed using only local anesthesia.


Caucasian are not only ones have double eye lid, evdn oriental people, chopstick users too, so to use term to make our faces look better doesn’t mean westernized our look, very racist arogant term. how u white people like asians call whites want to look asians to look better by get rid of hairy body, white pale orangy skin tone, double chin, lip injection, fix noses too long high bridges, hooked n crooked noses on n on for whites not look look pure whites to look better, even asian fall for their propaganda to make themselves look good n others look bad do speak.

I don’t really trust this no before and after photos …plys line too high and should’ve used computer morphing to determine the best appearance for the client.

LOL an Asian going for western high crease, it doesn’t work dude

how does the patient not get grossed out or freak out when he is totally awake????

Nooouuu asians!!! Asian eyes are soo cool because they’re asian properly… Without the eyelid and black. Stay asian, you’re so sexy! So yes, use the make up in order to valorize them, but don’t mutilate them, it’s a pity to loose your asian monolid… :/

The new eyelid crease is too high…It was supposed to be around 8mm higher from the lid margin…

How much does it cost?

Double Eyelid

Eyelid Surgery in 10 Minutes

Michael S. Schwartz, M.D., performs and narrates a cosmetic eyelid surgery. This surgery restores a vibrant and youthful look to the eyes.

For more info on eyelid surgery,

I’m a man and I want a feminine lid. I’m a makeup artist. Would you do that?

She’s got that cut crease look

How about some before and after pics?

No idea how I got here but I personally wouldn’t get plastic surgery or ask my better half to but the amount of precision it takes to do that is staggering. It takes confidence, balls, and a steady hand to re-shape a woman’s face. I can see why some women would want it done. Men don’t usually care but it’s tough on women.

because we feel really insecure about flaws like this. tbh I would let them do that to me if it meant not being horrifying XD

Greys anatomy has me watching all these videos now lol .. Pure curiosity, and its fun to watch too 

Is it just me or did he take the eyelid line way to far out? I’d love to see how it looks once it heals 🙂 

I thought that too until I checked my own out lol! The distance is pretty much the same as hers. I’m sure before the surgery, when she opened her eyes, he marked out how deep her eyes would set in for a natural eyelid line to be created.

Incredible job,I love to watch plastic surgery, he made her look so natural . Great look

Its creepy for me ;; lucky me for having double eyelids naturally :)

Double Eyelid

Get Double Eyelids Naturally (NO SURGERY) / Double Eyelid Tape || Sylvia Jade

Here’s how I got my double eyelids, with no surgery (yet)!

Training Method:
Double-sided Method:
Naturally Hidden Under Method:

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Double Eyelid

HOW TO: Even/Double Eyelids – Naturally | How I “Trained” My Eyelids

I’ve been struggling with un-even eye lids for the longest time, and I have found a method that has finally worked for me thats doesn’t need any type of surgery! Its not perfect but it works and I hope it works for you too ^_^

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Double Eyelid

HOW TO: Permanently Fix Monolid w/o Surgery

These are just the simple steps I followed, as explained in the video
This video will NOT work for everyone, but it may help people who experience the same problem as I do

eyelid glue/tape can be purchased at any asian supermarket, or online (ebay)

(I say um and like a lot, please bear with me)
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Double Eyelid

double eyelid without surgery ?!

i just want to share my story and my experience and maybe this works for you too ! 🙂


do you like my new setup ? i also try to film and edit a little bit more professional but i guess i fail lol.

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Double Eyelid

Non surgical eyelid correction

This procedure is to lift drooped eyelids.
Dr.Kwon uses PDO threads and fractional laser.
You can see presentation about this procedure on following link(slideshare).

Double Eyelid

How-to: Monolid to Double Lid or Double Lid to Monolid, WITHOUT SURGERY

Thanks for watching! This is a long video with lots of talking, so view the table of contents below to quickly ffwd to the section that applies to you:

+Being both monolid/doublelid at the same time / my story: 0:39
+The difference between single lids and double lids / why monolids and double lids look the way they do: 2:20
+ How to get monolids: 3:20
+ How to get double eyelids: 6:38 (demo starts @ 9:50)

Blog post with more thoughts and a close-up of Clear Talk Eye Glue:






Double Eyelid

The real secret in making double eyelids!

Currently in development and not yet sold in stores, are the Opti-fold Doubleline Sleep Tapes, which are used to permanently treat uneven eyelids and make double eyelids without surgery.

These tapes are not the same as generic eyelid tape or glue. The main function of Opti-fold tapes are to compress a wrinkle onto the eyelids which forms the ‘double eyelid’.

The Opti-fold tapes are broader and bigger than other tapes, because they are designed to keep the eyelid skin extended and flat, while a second tape is applied on top to compress skin.

For more information about Opti-fold please view these links:

Double Eyelid

Non Incisional Double Eyelid Surgery Korea

Asian Blepharoplasty and Double Eyelid Surgery in Korea

Whether you have interested in procedures for either maintenance or rejuvenation about your self, you will receive expert care from our consultant managers, assisted by
board certified plastic surgeons and our nursing team.


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Double Eyelid


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Double Eyelid

How to get Permanent Even Double Eyelids without Surgery

Hey cherubs, today’s video will show you how to permanently achieve even double eyelids! Perfect for people with single lids (like myself). It’s easy and only takes less than a minute. After doing this for a few weeks, the crease you create will become your natural crease! I hope you enjoy xoxo